Hello August

August here we come!

We have been located at Annie’s Collective Wonderland in The Swan Settlers Market for 7 months now.

Wow that has flown by and we’ve loved every single minute!

Having a Permanent Market space has helped us to find our People.

The Co-op is full of Eco Warriors saving so much from landfill in this wasteful society.

There is Vintage Everything!

There are (3) Three Second hand Adult Clothing Stalls and our pre loved Children’s clothes. Amazing Reclaimed wood products, books and handmade products using second hand materials, so many talents and so many products.

As recyclers and artisans it’s great to be amongst other likeminded peoples.

After all that , it is You, the lover of the Pre Loved and Handmade who makes it possible.

Thank you x

Monnie & Sue